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    The College Program is designed specifically for students in grades 9-12 who are committed to going to college. This program offers a unique learning environment…

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  • Skills Center

    The Charter School of Excellence, Skills Center offers diverse courses that prepare students for a variety of careers and to make real-world connections to schoolwork.

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The Mission of the Perseus House Charter School of Excellence is to provide a variety of educational opportunities to foster academic excellence through partnerships with family, community, and school.

The Charter School of Excellence provides non-traditional educational opportunities to foster academic excellence through partnerships with family, community and school.

The Charter School of Excellence offers small class sizes, cutting edge curriculum, a support system to address current barriers to learning and a grading system that does not permit students to fail.

We are now currently located at three different locations. Each with its own unique program and yet consistently providing quality education. No matter which program you choose our teachers and staff are there to guide you to a more successful future.

The Maritime Center
Programming for middle school-aged students

814.459.5070 voice • 814.459.5072 fax

The Leadership Center
Programming for high school students

814.480.5914 voice • 814.454.9859 fax

The Skills Center
Programming for high school students

814.651.9089 voice • 814.455.1450 fax

Administrative Staff

  • Mark Amendola, Executive Director
  • Dr. Robert Oliver, Consultant
  • Dr. Nick Viglione, Chief Educational Officer
  • Chris Primavere, Principal
  • Dr. Renee Gordon, Principal
  • Dana LaFata, Principal

Charter School is now using Prelude
Prelude is a group learning game that helps engage and motivate students at the start of a term, or training program. Click here to learn more about Prelude »

Students at the Charter Schools of Excellence have the right to be educated without discrimination because of race, color, religious creed, disability, handicap, ancestry, sexual orientation, national origin, age, sex or marital status.