Central Enrollment

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Parents or guardians seeking to enroll their son or daughter must first complete an application.  Applications can be obtained on this website or at any CSE location:

Skills Center: 1309 French Street, Erie, PA

Leadership Center: 1511 Peach Street, Erie, PA

Discovery Center: 1307 French Street, Erie, PA

Central Enrollment is a unique process to the Charter School of Excellence. It focuses on areas of need for students in various areas. Students receive assessments in reading, math, career interests, learning styles, social aptitude, medical and academic readiness. The assessment data is used to design a schedule around the individual student’s interest and needs in pursuit of their diploma.

All CSE teachers and staff are able to use the data to differentiate instruction based on the individual student needs as well as assist students with any medical needs they may have.

One student that has completed Central Enrollment indicated, “The Central Enrollment Process is very helpful and necessary. When you first enroll, you are put in classes to test your knowledge. I like this idea because it helps me know what level I am in for reading, writing and math. I think Central Enrollment is a good way for teachers to put you in the right classes and for you to have a better understanding of your skills and abilities.”

The CSE believes students who are active participants in the learning process have a greater chance of graduating. The CSE is dedicated to ensuring that all students are actively engaged and fully involved in their education, securing future success.

To schedule a tour and/or further information, please call the Skills Center at 651-9082.