Discovery Center Events

Discovery Students take advantage of Sea Grant

Discovery students were able to conduct research on the waters of Presque Isle as part of their STEM class.  They used underwater robots fabricated from former Discovery students to gather plankton and water samples among other things.  The project was funded from a STEM Grant received from the NWPA-WIA youth services.  This trip was coordinated through the partnership with Dave Boughton from Penn State, Sea Grant.

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A Discovery Center Production of Grease

A line of eager visitors stretched beyond the Discovery Charter School of Excellence doors Friday, January 31st, excitedly anticipating the school’s musical production of Grease. Once seated in the dimly lit auditorium, guests were greeted with a grand opening as all 60 students involved in the musical danced around the audience while singing “Grease is the Word.” As the introduction came to its closing, the stage-curtains opened to reveal the classic crew, complete with the T-birds in their leather jackets and the Pink Ladies in, of course, pink. Humorous bits of dialogue blended with exceptional acting had guests giggling between performances of Grease’s most memorable melodies. In addition to the expected, the audience was pleasantly surprised by a complement of modern flair as Sandy serenaded them with Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally” in front of a swaying choir. When the concluding song faded, the performers were praised with a standing ovation that extended the entire length of the auditorium. Simply put, the Discovery Charter School of Excellence’s first musical production surpassed expectations, leaving spectators, staff, and students feeling not only entertained, but especially proud.


Annual Lego League Competition

The Discovery Center competed in the Lego League for its 10th straight season. For those unfamiliar with the First Lego League it is a robotics program for 9-14 year olds. The program is meant to get students excited about science and technology. It also teaches the students team work and employment skills.

Students this year will be building and programming a robot that will compete with other robots in effort to address the theme of “Nature’s Fury”.  The missions will encompass natural disasters and the student’s ability to program the robot to make rescues and other maneuvers.   During the course preparation and the competition itself students learned about problems faced by rescue workers, and come up with creative and innovative solutions while working as a team.

During the competition, contestants adhere to the First Lego League’s Core Values.
• We are a team.
• We do the work to find solutions with guidance from our coaches and mentors.
• We know our coaches and mentors don’t have all the answers; we learn together.
• We honor the spirit of friendly competition.
• What we discover is more important than what we win.
• We share our experiences with others.
• We display gracious professionalism and cooperation in everything we do.
• We have FUN!
Penn State Behrend hosted the competition which was held on Saturday December 7, 2013.

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Annual Multicultural Fair

On December 20, 2013 the students and staff at the Discovery Center held their annual Multicultural Fair.  They explored different countries and various holidays.  Some of the countries and holidays explored were Germany/Walpurgisnacht, Puerto Rico/ Dia De Reyes, Russia/New Year’s Day, Mexico/Cinco de Mayo, Nepal (Buddhist/Hindu festival of Tihar/Deepawali), Sweden/St. Lucia Day, China/Chinese New Year, France/Bastille Day, Canada/Boxing Day and Argentina/Mardi Gras.  Foods such as German Cabbage Salad (Krautsalat), Salsa Chimichurri with Flatbread Chips from Argentina and Russian Bobalki Bread were available for tasting.  The students learned about the geographic and cultural facts as a way to build an awareness and acceptance of culture and diversity.

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