Pupil Services

The Charter School of Excellence incorporates safety nets to ensure students are provided the supports they need to be successful in school. The foremost safety net is provided in the daily setting to ensure that students are ready to learn.

Building Educational Support Team

The Building Educational Support Team (BEST) is a data based decision making entity that coordinates and supports a comprehensive system of intervention. The BEST model is an enhanced intervention that was adapted from the PDE Student Assistance Program framework.

Members of the BEST team include a building administrator, School Psychologist, Master’s level counselor, school nurse, Guidance Counselor, General Education Teacher, Regular Education Teacher, and Parenting Program Representative. The current model supports collaboration with external providers in the areas of drug and alcohol, behavioral health, probation, and other resources as warranted or as a result of identified student needs. The meetings are held on a weekly basis to review referrals that may be made from students, families, and school staff.

A BEST referral for counseling services may include but is not limited to the following: Safe Harbor Behavioral Health Services for Mental Health Outpatient Counseling services, Stairways Behavioral Health Services for the SMART program services, Pyramid Drug and Alcohol Counseling services, and the Caring Place for bereavement counseling. For more information please contact Patty Strickenberger at 651-1056.

Student Assistance Program (SAP)

The primary goal of the Student Assistance Program (SAP) is to help schools identify students who are experiencing behavior and/or academic difficulties that are posing a barrier to their learning and success in school. SAP offers support to those students and their families at the elementary and high school level. Services students may receive through SAP include: mental health services, individual counseling, group counseling, or and drug/alcohol counseling.

If you are a school staff, student, student’s friend, family member, community member you may refer a student by contact the student’s guidance counselor, principal, or IST Teacher.

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Out-Patient Counseling

Safe Harbor collaborates with a number of organizations, including the Charter School of Excellence, to provide Outpatient Therapy in each of the CSE buildings. Safe Harbor provides comprehensive treatment to more than 2,300 Erie County adults and children using state-of-the-art treatments.
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Special Education

The Charter School of Excellence Board of Education makes certain a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) is available to eligible students attending the charter school. Each student with a disability enrolled within CSE shall be provided quality education programs and services that meet the student’s needs for educational, instructional, transitional, and related services. The CSE special education programs shall be designed to comply with law, conform to district goals, and integrate programs of special education with the regular instructional programs of the schools.

Chapter 15/Section 504 Protected Handicapped Services – Annual Notice to Parents

In compliance with State and Federal Law, the Charter School of Excellence will provide a free appropriate education to qualified students who have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. If you believe your children is eligible for a Chapter 15, or for additional information Chapter 15 procedures, and provision of services to protected handicapped students, contact your child’s building principal, guidance counselor, or the Director of Special Education/School Psychologist.

Gifted Education

The Charter School of Excellence recognizes the need to develop the special abilities of each student and provides Gifted Education services and appropriate instructional programs designed to meet the individual needs of identified gifted students. For students identified as gifted, an annual GIEP is developed from district and state assessment information, student interests and strengths, and input from teachers, parents and the student. Contact the Director of Special Education/School Psychologist for additional information.