English Language Development Program

The mission of the Charter School of Excellence (CSE) English Language Development Program(ELD) is to assist non-native speakers of English in acquiring sufficient language proficiency and independent/scientifically-based learning strategies to become successful participants in the community. The CSE ELD Program is committed to sustaining instructional excellence through collaborative professional support, continuous monitoring of the ELD Program curricula and student services, and integration of appropriate educational technology into learning and instruction.  The use of Scholastic’s Read 180 and System 44 are the basis for early learning literacy and language development within the ELD program.  The curriculum will address strategies that focus on the state, common core, and WiDA standards.  Students will read a variety of fiction and nonfiction including drama, short stories, and novels.  Students will obtain reading strategies that will help them become confident readers and use literary terminology and elements of fiction to analyze literature. Writing strategies will be used to develop simple paragraphs by incorporating the five steps of the writing process.   Students will extend vocabulary development and acquisition of new words through text interaction and word study.   Students will contribute and participate in collaborative discussions with diverse partners and will actively use and integrate technology into projects throughout the school year.

The structure of our curriculum is set up in each of the four domains of English language proficiency. The content theme at the Entering and Beginning levels are interpersonal skills and cultural awareness. The content theme at the Developing and Intermediate levels is cultural awareness, career exploration, and core content area focused.   Students will be placed in these levels based on their scores from the WIDA Access Placement Test (W-APT). After their initial placement all ELs will be monitored at the end of each semester using triangulated data from PDE referred/approved  assessments including but not limited to CDT (Classroom Diagnostic Tool), Scholastic Reading Inventory, Teacher Observation quarterly, Pennsylvania State Assessment System (PSSA) and the annual ACCESS for ELs state English language assessment.

The CSE English as a Second Language program (ELD) program helps students develop competency in understanding, speaking, reading and writing in English. The program provides educational experiences that will prepare the students to meet success in academics and the world of work. In addition, the nurturing of self-pride and self-identify in each student’s linguistic and cultural heritage is enhanced.

The ELD Program includes:

•English language acquisition classes.

•Instruction in academic content area classes with support and adaptations, as needed.

•Annual state and school placement assessments to drive instruction.

•Monitoring of ELs in content classes and after exiting.

•Involvement in specific career track

•Student mentoring.