Leadership Guidance Office

The Charter School of Excellence Leadership Center’s School Counselor, Ms. Kaylie Larson, provides each student with the tools and resources they need to be successful in their high school careerIMG_1847-1024x683 Leadership Guidance Office and the pursuit of their own post-secondary goals.
Services offered by the counselor include assisting students with:
– planning academic courses,
– exploring individual interests and abilities in regards to career/job exploration,
– locating opportunities inside and outside of school to promote personal and academic growth,
– development of problem-solving skills, study skills, and employability skills,
– college and career exploration,
– education about colleges, technical schools, certificate/training programs, and job opportunities
– applying for post-secondary financial aid, including the FAFSA and scholarship opportunities.
– completion of the comprehensive graduation project
– addressing personal and social/emotional concerns that impact academic performance

The Leadership Center hosts many events to expose students to a variety of career options such as college and career fairs, financial aid workshops, tours of local colleges and technical schools, and community service opportunities. Working with the parents and the community is an integral part of our counselor’s efforts in supporting our students. If you wish to speak to Ms. Larson regarding events or services provided, please contact her at 814-480-5944 or by e-mail at klarson@phcse.org.

Important Information regarding SAT’s/ACT’s:
*Please see Ms. Larson in the Counseling Office for fee waivers and assistance with registration for exams.
SAT Test dates
12/2/17 (deadline to register: 11/12/17)
3/10/18 (deadline to register: 2/9/18)
5/5/18 (deadline to register: 4/6/18)
6/2/18 (deadline to register: 5/3/18)
ACT test dates
12/9/17 (deadline to register: 11/3/17)
2/10/18 (deadline to register: 1/12/18)
4/14/18 (deadline to register: 3/9/18)
6/9/18 (deadline to register: 5/4/18)


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