Maritime Center

Programming for middle school-aged students

The Charter School of Excellence, Maritime Center, offers educational opportunities for students grades 6-8, who are better served in this unique setting. The currimaritime-eagles-logo-final-1024x753 Maritime Centerculum focuses on a mastery of academic subjects and is aligned with Pennsylvania’s education standards.

Building on a culture of mutual respect and responsibility, The Maritime Center emphasizes hands-on learning, development of critical and creative thinking, computer technology, healthy lifestyles, citizenship and service to others. By partnering with numerous community organizations and volunteer groups, students engage in a variety of learning activities that broaden their vision and awaken their curiosity.

Hands-on environmental studies are also provided Sea-Grant-robotics Maritime Centerand are designed to introduce and reinforce academics, personal growth and citizenship. The Maritime Center offers a dynamic learning environment where each student plays an active role in their education. As they learn new skills, students are encouraged to transfer lessons across experiences and fields of study. Through these skill-building experiences, students develop proficiency while building confidence in themselves as students and as citizens.

The Maritime Center utilizes Erie region’s rich history and traditions, as well as our abundant natural resources to create a one-of-a-kind learning experience for each student. If you are looking for a school that offers small class size, hands-on learning, a talented and caring faculty, and opportunity to learn about Erie’s history and resources, The Maritime Center is the school of choice for your child.


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