What Do You Like About the Charter School of Excellence?

s-simmons-240x300 TestimonialsComing from my previous high school, I had a lot of problems including trust issues with teachers and students.  My grades were not what they were supposed to be and I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. When I enrolled at the Skills Center, I saw a lot of familiar faces so I thought it would be just like every other school.  Fortunately I was wrong.

Enrolling at the Charter School of Excellence was the best thing to happen to me during my high school career. I am not a shy person, but you wouldn’t have known that because I couldn’t be myself at my old school.  The people there were very judgmental.  At the Skills Center, I could have two left feet and three arms and not get looked at as different, weird, or strange. Not only do the students and staff of CSE treat everyone with respect, the Skills Center provides a wide range of opportunities starting with Work Experience. This program allows students to work in or out of the school to get a feel of what the job world is like. There is a dual enrollment where students can experience the expectations of higher education and earn college credit. There a lot more amazing, life changing opportunities; if I were to list them all we would both be here forever!

One thing I can say about my school (that I can’t say about my previous school) is that the principal (Mrs. Gordon) knows the name, interests, grades, and problems of every student in the building; it’s like we live in the same household. She understands us, treats us with respect, and will absolutely put us in our place if we ever step out of line (lol!)

All in all, there is not one negative thing I can say about the Skills Center. I love it!

— Shiqueta Simmons   


egnot-e1384453307273-150x150 Testimonials

I really like the stable environment and the amount of individual attention my son receives at the Skills Center.  They provide a lot of choices regarding classes and activities and the staff is always available to answer questions and provide feedback on my son’s progress.  The teachers are always on hand to provide extra help during class and before and after school. My son enjoys going to school and his grades have improved dramatically. He feels as though he really belongs.

— M. Egnot

keegan-150x150 TestimonialsI love the smaller class sizes, the increased student and teacher interaction, the innovative teaching styles and unique curriculum offered at the Charter School of Excellence.  As a parent I find it easier to build relationships, communicate, and work with the teachers and staff to be a partner in my son’s education.  My son does well both socially and academically as a result of coming to the Charter School.  He is happy and regularly tells me he loves school!  I tell everyone how great CSE is and encourage all to visit and see for themselves what great schools we have!

–J.  Lee


“All the teachers and staff do a wonderful job and the opportunities provided for kids can really change their lives. As a parent of special needs kids, I really can’t express how valuable your service is, nor how much I appreciate it. “

-Mary, parent of CSE student


robert Testimonials

Hello my name is Robert Peoples. I am attending the Charter School of Excellence, Discovery Center. I have been going here 

for three years now. It is a great school to attend and it has many opportunities that a lot of other schools don’t have. We canoe, kayak and we go fishing. Also, closer to the end of the year we do a swimming program at the Boys and Girls Club.

What I’m saying is: this school is not just a school.  Discovery is like home. It is just like a home because we have teachers who really care about their students and don’t just come and stick around for the money. 

Discovery is great for me.  Maybe it can even be great or greater for the future students of this school. You will have to come for a visit to see how great it really is!

~ Robert Peoples

vanessa Testimonials“I have found myself very much happy with my experience here at the Leadership Center…I liked the differences such as the small classes, student to teacher ratio, and the ability to do more as a whole. I also love that we can do more hands-on things and go more places.”

~ Vanessa

“In my two years of being here, I’ve made a few new friends, went on a few field trips and met a few teachers who taught me new things and who opened my eyes to a new way of thinking.”

~ Carla

“I really developed great relationships with teachers for the first time in my life. And as far as students go I communicated and learned about different ethnicities and backgrounds that I would have never seeked or explored. The population of this school was good for me because it kept me out of trouble.”

~ Thomas B.

“This school has many positive outcomes. I have met some great friends. I have also made great friendships with teachers and counselors who have helped me get my life together. The friends I have met are awesome and help me when I need help.”

~ Jeff

“I want to thank the Charter School of Excellence for all you’ve done. I don’t know everything you did but you did something really good for Brandon.  He is doing so well in his classes and his lowest grade is a B. He is excelling in math too. Thank you for being on board because it changed his life. He hasn’t had a single behavior issue and his teacher said that he is a gentleman and enjoys having him in class.”

-Titus Family on Brandon Titus, student